Our facility has traditional and vertical molding machines ranging in size from 38 tons to 730 tons, with the ability for two-shot molding, insert-molding, and over-molding. We employ various levels of automation from simple part pickers to automated cells with 6-axis robots in order to reduce part cost, increase repeatability, and solve manufacturing challenges.
Our equipment and technology combined with our team’s dedication to quality assurance enables us to continually exceed customer quality requirements.

MCM has broad experience with molding common plastic resins and rubbers, as well as bio-resins. If you are looking for environmentally-friendly options for your products, we have extensive experience producing bio-degradable and home-compostable products.

If your concept is still in development, we can help there too. Our sister companies, Green World Products and Integra Mold, provide the research, development, design, and tooling capabilities needed to bring your concept from a prototype to a finished product. MCM works closely with these companies through development and production.

Design & Development