Culture & Community

From our team to our neighbors, MCM offers company activities to employees, takes steps toward sustainability, and gives back to the community.


Our team is vital to our success.

MCM strives to create a great culture where all team members are welcome to participate in many different company activities!

Company Picnic

Each year, our team and their families enjoy a picnic lunch and a day of fun and games at a park in Southwest Michigan!

Quarterly Appreciation Lunch

Every quarter, MCM provides a lunch for each shift where the team participates in games and activities to foster collaboration and team building. It is also a time for the team to celebrate team members who have reached a work anniversary date within the last quarter.

Employee of the Month

MCM recognizes those that put forth his/her best effort every single day. Each month all who are nominated are listed on the team member TV for bragging rights and earn a ticket for the year end overall prize. The team member who wins for the month receives two tickets, a gift card, and the employee of the month parking space! The overall winner is drawn from all the tickets earned throughout the year at the Team Member Christmas luncheon.

Financial Planning

By partnering with a 401k investment advisor MCM team members have an opportunity to ask questions one on one, get advice on financial planning and plan for their future. The 401k investment advisor and a local credit union both offer financial learning seminars.


MCM is making strides toward reducing our carbon footprint.

We installed a closed-loop Glycol system to reduce the amount of water used within our plant. The system was plumbed into the sidewalks and around our manufacturing facility to allow the utilization of the ground to cool the Glycol and avoid using power. This system even keeps the snow on our sidewalks melted in the winter!

Sustainable Suppliers

MCM works with suppliers that value sustainability. Our packaging suppliers utilize food-grade paper and corn starch, recycled fiber, and post-consumer recycled fiber in many of our products!


MCM and its team members give back to the community in which they live and work.

Generous Hands is one of the charities that MCM has chosen to support in multiple quarterly drives. Alongside the charities, MCM also support local Vicksburg schools by adopting a classroom, and adopting a family

Charity Drives

MCM’s team has been able to participate in the Pack the Back Pack, Mac-a-Thon, Snack-a-Thon, Summer Snack drives and Mr. Lee’s classroom adoption to help community members in the local area!