2-Shot Molding

The two-shot injection molding process, or over-molding, is when one material is injected into a mold to make the initial section of the product (substrate), followed by a second injection of a different material that is suitable with the original material.

One machine cycle reduces the number of required product runs while allowing for larger quantities, resulting in decreased labor required to mold parts. It ensures strong bonds between materials without the need for assembly, resulting in improved design and durability.

It’s an efficient, cost-effective process that results in high-quality finished goods and greater product versatility.

Advantages of 2-Shot Molding

  • Higher Efficiency
  • More Cost Effective
  • Improved Structure & Strength
  • Multi-Color, Multi-Material Options
  • More Complex Parts and Reduced Costs
  • Enhanced Product Features (including aesthetics and ergonomics!)
  • Reduction of Assembly and Secondary Operations
  • Reduced Tooling Costs